Saturday, December 30, 2006

T minus 1 day

I start Stepdown ICU on Monday.

I'm excited, I'm nervous. I'm profoundly ready for a change.

It's what I hope nursing can be. It's the cream of the crop at my hospital, a place where all the nurses seem to be happy. It's what I hope will be a level of professionalism that I myself shoot for. I'm sure my expectations will get adjusted, but I'm also hoping they won't get adjusted as dramatically as they were in rehab.

So my coming posts will hopefully be full of fun adventures in my journey into critical care. Yay!

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just4ofus said...

Good Luck this week! I hope it went well. I am not sure what ICU stepdown is? Is it a Telemetry floor? Purgatory for the not ICU not Tele patient? We don't have purgatory at my hospital?