Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things I cannot live without:

ApgaRN tagged me for a meme It started here, with someone named Shane, who I have not had the opportunity to meet yet, but shall do so. An online magazine called Inc is interviewing an entrepreneur per month and asking what each cannot live without. Shane is asking the question: What can't nurses live without? Each nurse answers, taps two more. I'm thinkin this sounds fun.

Nurses aren't 'thing' people. We don't become nurses because we're all about the Stuff. Beth at PixelRN cites good things, that aren't 'things'. I've been reading apgaRN for awhile, and she's not all about Things, either. L&D nurses are all about moms and babies.

I, for one, cannot live without my roadtrips to the desert. See Betelgeuse for latest pictures. But this is not a thing and I do not own it.

And you who read this know me, at least a little. I used to be an entrepreneur. I was literally JustCallMeJo Consulting. (Okay, not literally, substitute JustCallMeJo for my actual name.) I made six figures. I had a $250/hr accountant who finagled my taxes for me. I had stuff. I still have some of that stuff. Now I'm a nurse.

But the question posed is what Stuff I can't live without. Speaking as a person who has downshifted, downscaled and minimized, I can tell you. I'm a stepdown ICU RN. This is what stuff I require:

1. Pilot Precise Black Rollerball Pen
This is not just my favorite pen (I also have red) to use at work for my charting. This is at minimum what I need to tell my stories. I bring out gestures and things I see or feel or think through my oil paintings, and through my quilts, through tiny stitches, and sometimes with my killer watercolor pencils and on occasion through handmade books and often with my good Canon totally NOT automatic camera and sometimes through nitric acid zinc plates and sometimes with watercolors (though everybody tells me my watercolors are heavyhanded). But this is what I need at minimum, have always needed. I am not a writer. Nancy Dancehall is a writer. Writingweb is a writer. Esheep is a poet, (and I'd link you to his blog if he did anything with it.) I know real writers and real poets, and I'm not them. But I need to write, too. I use words. I have to. If I had nothing stacks of cotton fabrics, no linseed oil and turpentine, no pigment...I'd need a pen. Paper would technically be handy, too, but as fine and fancy of a paper snob I can be (artists.), I can use bumwad (newsprint) just fine in a pinch. This post is about what one can't live without right? Need a pen. This is my favorite kind.

2. Body Butter

Technically, I can live without this, but I really would prefer not to. Satsuma is the best kind, though coconut, vanilla spice, and brazil nut are lovely as well. My hands are showing the beginning signs of being not in my 20s anymore (not bad since I'm 35), and it's all the handwashing at work. Satsuma soothes the savage beast and not only do I slather it on my hands and arms at work, I often come home, soak my shift away, slather my whole body with the stuff and sleep blissfully.

3. I'm really sorry about this one.
This is a venti caramel macchiato with soy. I drink one every work day. I switched to soy just in January. Read a book about protein links to cancer, some phD. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian and have been for many years, and so now I'm decreasing my milk, though I have no intention of getting rid of it. This is sugary frothy goodness. I require caffeine. After I slam one of those, I drink roughly 20 ounces of plain black coffee through a typical shift. If I ever stopped caffeine, I think I'd have a cardiac arrest or a sudden brain infarct and die instantly. I do require coffee, even on days of no sugary frothy goodness. As I type this, I am drinking a cafe mexicano at my coffeehouse.

4. And last but not least:
Littmann Cardiology III, hunter green, engraved.
I love lung sounds. Still workin on my cardiac sound skills, and it's kind of cool to find a good murmur, of course. But lung sounds? Love em. Not just rales and rhonchi, but give me 'tubular' and post-lobectomies and wheezes and egophony. Love it.

What I Covet:

This is tough. Really tough. Because I am a happy person right now. And what I've got is what I want. I know this is weird. People who want what they've got don't tend to holler that from the rooftops because it's boring and un-American.

I'd like an iPod, but I don't seem to get around to buying one. I'd like a new laptop, as this one's six years old and won't play Civilization anymore. (Best computer game EVER.) I'd like a rosegarden. I have 14 bookshelves full of books and I when I die, NancyPants's husband O can have it all and sell it from his store.

What I do want is a cup of coffee and a window through which I can watch the world. If there's an abscence, it's for lack of a person to sit across the table. I wrote about these things when I started Betelgeuse, and you don't have to follow the link because it's more of my long-windedness. I don't covet someThing. There's a case to be made for the idea of coveting the keeping of what I already have, but. I'm workin on that whole sittin-on-a-zafu and reading Way of the Bodhisattva. No, really.

Now I get to ping two people. Whee! I'm gonna tag Mother Jones, because she's always got good stuff to say. And I'm gonna tag Janet at Chocolate and Raspberries, particularly since she's started to post photos and she's really got a good eye.

Meme fun. Pop over and see what they come up with.


Spirit of 1976 said...

What can't I live without? My glitter lamp, my computer, my digital radio.

You can't live without your trips to the desert (and from the photos, I can see why), likewise I can't live without my trips into the forests around Cardiff. Though it's a bit rainy for that lately.

Come the summer, I'll be doing the camping-and-pagan-rituals thing again. Still not naked though. :p

apgaRN said...


Love it. I would second the coffee thing, except I'm trying to get off it. But that has been true for me for a long time...

I'm glad someone likes lung sounds... I'm a bit rusty on all the subtle differences, but fortunately don't usually need to use them on L&D. Did have a bit of a scare a couple of weeks ago with a Mag patient, weren't sure if she had a PE or was going into pulmonary edema. Doing the whole "cough, cough, wheeze..." thing. Found out later she was developing HELLP. Got sectioned under general after an awake intubation. Gack! Not sorry I wasn't there for that one.

Have a great weekend... I'm plunging into my workweekend.