Wednesday, April 4, 2007

*my quarter-inch-long fingernails on a chalkboard*

So I got shift report from a nurse on ONE patient tonight and it took TWENTY minutes.

Straightforward post-op heart.

She wanted to make sure I knew about the order for Carmex.

But didn't mention the order just below it, which was to transfuse some prbc's.


I do NOT make this UP, people.

And we are all human and make mistakes. I make stupid mistakes. And inhale, exhale aummanipadmehumaummanipadmehum. Aum mani padme freakin hum.

Benadryl and bed for me.

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ERnursey said...

I used to work with a nurse who would write down every word I read off the kardex...couldn't she read for Chrissake?