Friday, April 25, 2008

Does that BSN really matter?

My hospital got new name badges printed this week. I work for a big hospital system.

I do not yet have my CCRN certification, but I do have my BSN. I want my name on my name badge to read: JustCallMeJo, RN, BSN

I was assured that this would be the case. It's not. When my colleagues and I received our new name badges, we were all just RN. Nobody's certifications, nobody's educational degrees (and a handful of us in the ICU are master's prepared, too.) (Yes, bedside nurses with master's degrees. Smart practitioners who actually want to take direct care of patients. Whaddya know.)

I emailed the CNO. I was hot. My CNO is doctoral prepared. I said I hoped they'd gotten her badge right; and that I'm sure that I'm preaching to the choir on this issue, will you please fix it? I'm only asking for ONE of my bachelor's degrees to be printed on the badge. Just three letters, not six.

My CNO told me and the rest of Nurse Practice Council on Monday that certifications will be printed, not educational degrees. I thanked her for responding to my concerns first. Then I asked why. "Because with the font size, the names will be too small."

Now she knows as well as I do that the pompous Hospital Mission Statement is printed in fine-ish (9 point) print on every single fscking name badge.

But the font would be too small if 'BSN' or 'BSN, MSN' were added.

Because. The font would be too small.


Ask me, now, why I don't trust upper management? Why I don't think they have any CLUE what is important to me as a clinician?

I am simply....RN. A nurse is a nurse is a nurse, right?

Take your Magnet and cram it with a Flexiseal.

p.s. And why the hell do the exam certifications get the corrected dispensation and the 4- or 6- degrees do not?


Not Nurse Ratched said...

Oh man...after the torture I am going through for this damn degree, it BEST be on my badge!

RehabNurse said...

My hospital only puts RN or LPN on people's badges.

They're so neanderthal...but no better than the last place, who redesigned the ID so you couldn't put your cert or degree on it....just stupid!