Friday, May 2, 2008

Sinus arrhythmia with multifocal atrial tach.

...was the most fun I had tonight. I took a copy of the rhythm strip because it's not one I'm likely to come across again that soon. Biphasic P waves. Not Q waves, mind you, biphasic P's. Definitely polymorphic, but with a regular PR interval.


Yeah, that was the highlight of my night.

...I'm really not anti-alcohol. A few people interpreted that from my post last week and probably it sounds that way. I'm a big fan of alcohol. I may have some when I get home today.

I have another FDGB (Fall Down Go Boom) tonight. Drunk, fell down in his own bathroom, broke a bone, 911, went into DT's on the floor, then brady'd down which bought him a free bed in the ICU. Whole nine yards....chest compressions/Atropine/intubation/sedation/blah blah.

He's got a pulse and he breathes sans mechanical assistance now. He's still here cos he's crazy as a june bug. They "don't know why" other words, we've taken our FDGB frequent flyer through CT scans, MRIs, expensive lab test for NH4+, etc etc etc.

He's in 4 point restraints and he STILL manages to rip off his sheet and show his glorious nakedness to me every time I walk in the room. "Dude! I do NOT need to see your junk!" I just went in there to throw a sheet over him again cos he's masturbating, in spite of the foley catheter.

There's just no tellin them that it doesn't work with a foley. It's his eighth admission since November. I'm sure somebody else has mentioned that to him.


You should see these P waves, though. It's really cool. Highlight of my night. It's really neat.

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kaney said...

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