Sunday, June 1, 2008

Proof of job security, #749

Patient in ICU has had type 2 diabetes for years. Family at bedside. Sugars "out of control" high. Physician chooses to write for subQ insulin, which RN gives.

Family goes home after dinnertime and gradually patient's sugars plummet.

Turns out family had been sneaking the patient candy all day without telling anyone.

This has happened to you, too, hasn't it. (Notice ungrammatical lack of question mark.)

Why do we keep interfering with natural selection?


Judy said...

Just one more reason I love working in the NICU. The families are mostly AFRAID not to follow our instructions and we mostly can see if they try to sneak anything to the babies.

Tex said...

Funny thing is, the family doesn't see anything wrong with it.

murse c said...

Morbidly obese grandmother...hell the entire family is. Grandmother, grandfather, daughter in the room with her 2 year old, who I swear is easily 85 lbs. Daughter sipping on cola with 4 empty bottles next to her, G-Ma in bed weighing easily 300 lbs, G-pa holding 2-year-old, stuffing McD's burger and fries in the kid, then proceeds to open sugar packets and empty them into the kids mouth. Good glory! And this is the health care field I am getting in.