Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not loving....

....the call at 0615 this morning to ask where I am. "Er. I'm in my bed. Why?" Thought I'd clarified that schedule change a week and a half ago. Apparently not.

Miscommunication rampant in my new role. Not loving that.


Have to re-do BLS tomorrow (Sunday) because I can't find my current card (though I have the current ACLS card). (Why I did not put these two things together in my wallet? I don't know.)

Brushing up on Another One Bites the Dust...


Strong One said...

Yes, I keep all the above not only in my wallet, but also in my portfolio (that has everything from my resume' to certifications)
Have fun!!

RehabNurse said...

Good luck to you Jo!

Hopefully, they'll communicate a little better so you can show up on time.

I love reading about your adventures in dialysis so far. Did ICU work help you get there?

I'm pondering all the avenues out of rehab and it seems like all the interesting ones lead to the ICU and then out and about.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.