Saturday, October 4, 2008


Long time, no post. I know. In the remote possibility that somebody out there is still paying attention, I'm going to explain my hiatus.

I left the ICU at MyHospital. I am now retooling to be an acute dialysis RN.

Much of the reason I couldn't blog was because first of all, I was negotiating a new job. Other reasons I couldn't blog:

Lots of hospitals have ICUs, and calling MyHospital MyHospital and changing a handful of details about patients was easy enough to be HIPAA compliant and protect everybody's privacy. There are a lot of ESRD patients on dialysis....but few dialysis companies. And I need to rethink and be more cautious in my tale-telling than I had been before. I'm really very excited about the new digs, though, and I can't wait to tell stories. I just need to probably change many more details than I had to protect everybody, and there's likely stuff I can't talk about at all.

Also, as I was leaving MyHospital, several large nails were pummeled into the coffin that contained my decision to leave there. Two reasons had me spitting bullets angry. One was a patient story wherein I feel that a physician should have been shot. Not because of any malpractice or negligence on his part, but because he'd flunked Compassion 101 in med school. It's a story every ICU nurse out there can tell about a patient 100 times over. At MyHospital, working with this physician and his group is regarded as an honor....a crowning moment in your nursing career...when you can be A Heart Nurse. But after this patient, I don't want to work with that man.

And finally, there were some management problems that I may be able to talk about now with fewer expletives. I've skirted around that issue in this blog before, and have finally had to drop off discussing it. I had a direct conflict with upper management over a patient safety issue. There isn't a nurse out there who's going to think cutting staff AFTER a sentinel event and subsequent Visit From The State is a good idea. Sane people do not think this way. MyHospital does. I had taken care of the patient, and I sent an angry (though expletive-less) email over some people's heads. I was hauled into the principal's office over "my way of communicating." I was told I offended people by suggesting that "anybody had forgotten the patient's name". (Which I dropped repeatedly in the email, lest they forget that a woman died and she has a name and it is Insert-Name-Here.

See? Me and my rude communicating. So I've got a lot to get caught up on. Been a busy two months.

So I'll be checkin back in more often.


Erica said...

Welcome back. I'm glad you're on to greener pastures - sounds like the clicky-heel people at MyHospital get their high-powered consultants from the same place as MyOldHospital. Jeez.

Oh, if you and I ran the world...

Mike said...

Welcome back Jo. Thought you were below the radar for good. Was checking in periodically but no sign of you.

Hospital politics are very difficult to navigate through and it is very easy to let the pot boil over. Today are being in nursing for some 21 years and working both sides of the fence (management and bedside) I truly still do not understand why there is so little collaboration and the bullies in healthcare continue to get away with their standard modus operandi.

In any event welcome back to the key board, and best of luck with the "new digs".

RehabNurse said...

Good for you! I hope you enjoy whatever you do.

Life is too short not to like what you do.

It's always fun making up monikers for your place of employment. I just pulled the first one out of thin air, since St. Elsewhere was already taken.

I looked at some change and my wallet to get thinking about the current one.

Nurse Grumpypants said...

Good to have you back Jo. I moved to greener pastures too--pediatric ICU pastures from adults---and its a WHOLE new ballgame. Can't wait for your posts!

Strong One said...

Don't let the 'MAN' get you down. Best of luck with your transition.
I'll be keeping an eye out for your posts.

Lisa said...

What is it with the glamour of Heart nursing? I don't get it and I don't do it anymore!